Personal Data Notification Protection Act

FTCNow, more than ever, corporate boards must ensure their cybersecurity measures are up to par, funded, and properly implemented to avoid the FTC’s wrath. Corporate boards need to be cognizant of both ensuring that their cybersecurity measures are consistent with best practices and with nationally and internationally recognized data security standards — and that those cybersecurity measures can actually be met through commitment of sufficient resources. Otherwise, the Federal Trade Commission may find fertile ground to scrutinize the company, and
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As tax season is well underway, many individuals who had their personally identifiable information accessed as a result of a data breach are now filing their annual tax returns and discovering that fraudulent tax returns have been filed using their Social Security numbers. For example, the information that was accessed during the Anthem data breach — names, Social Security numbers and birthdates — is all the information needed to file a fraudulent tax return.

In order to prevent a fraudulent
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Privacy has been a hot political topic the last couple of months. President Obama proposed, among other things, that Congress enact the following:

  1. Personal Data Notification and Protection Act, which would nationalize consumer privacy standards and breach notification obligations; and
  2. Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights, which would give Internet users certain rights to control their data.

He also announced that he was creating a new federal agency called the Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center to collect and analyze cyber
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