In the unfortunate event that your privacy has been breached and personal images have been stolen, there are several steps that can be taken to have this content removed from the internet. It is important that the following processes are initiated quickly. Once content is on the internet, it can spread quickly and make this process much more difficult and time consuming.

Here is a brief example to show how quickly an image can spread, increasing the difficulty in removing
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To effectively guard against an enemy of any kind it’s important to know your enemy. This strategy is just as effective when fighting an online battle to protect your company’s data.

Before you can effectively defend against cyberattacks, it is important to educate yourself on potential threats and how to handle them. We invite you to join us on September 7 for part two of the Columbus Cybersecurity Series featuring FBI agent David Fine returns. During this portion of the
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This is the first of a three-part series on the implications of cybersecurity threats on boards of directors. 

Now, more than ever, corporate boards face an immense challenge to ensure that their companies are prepared for cybersecurity threats before they occur.  It is not question of if a corporation will be hit by a cybersecurity incident or data breach, but when.

The Existing Cybersecurity Landscape and Associated Risks  

The landscape that corporate boards face has never been more treacherous, with

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Today, April 14, 2015, marks the 12th anniversary of the compliance date for the HIPAA Privacy Rules for most “Covered Entities” – healthcare providers who engage in certain electronic transactions, health plans, and healthcare clearing houses. (Small group health plans had 1 extra year, until April 14, 2004, to come into compliance with the Privacy Rules.)

What’s HIPAA?
The HIPAA Privacy Rules were the first comprehensive federal rules to protect the privacy and confidentiality of an Individual’s health and medical
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